Why we need to share stories…

From the earliest times, even before verbal language was written down, stories have been part of who we are – part of our humanity. It’s the most important way we share and understand our common, human experience. 

The invention of the Printing Press in the 15th century made books a little more accessible – but they were still a rare thing.

Through the centuries that followed song, story, recitals and then the mass production of books made the sharing of news, stories and history a part of everyday life – for those who could read, or those who couldn’t. 

Famous authors in the 19th century and beyond, would tour the country and read out their work to packed audiences of workers from mills and other factories. 

Today we have so many ways of connecting people with our stories, our activism – what we want to share.

The immediacy of this can be very powerful – it can move us and others, make a difference, change the world. 

Across our Trust we blog, create exhibitions, celebrate our beautiful work and invite our community and partners to join us in our schools, across Doncaster, our country and around the world.

Someone once said that ‘We read to know we are not alone’ – and that’s just part of the power of every word, picture and piece of beautiful work we send out into the world. 

So – last but not least – if you ever think ‘This would make a great story’ or ‘I would love more people to know about this’ then please make it happen. Spread the joy and energy!

After all, we are our stories …