Our beautiful books are flying off the shelves!

Ever since the XP story began, with our first school based in the Keepmoat stadium, our books have been part of the way we share our stories with our community – and all around the world. 

It began with XP’s ‘What Makes a Successful Community’ and Green Top’s ‘How Do You Think We Will Evolve?” more than seven years ago.

The amazing thing is that these first books are still selling through our XP Trust shop online and at events in school and around the country.

… and they’re not alone!

They’ve been joined over the years by twelve more – including two local history best sellers, which were sold in – and in the case of ‘Society, Steam and Speed’ – also launched in Waterstones.

From the Ground Up’ the second bestseller has become part of the story of our city and mining community. 

Our books are never out of print and cover topics as diverse as the Vikings to local heroes, newly created poetry to how our students studied through a pandemic.

How We XP’ has become required reading for the delegates we welcome from all over the world – and has already been revised and reprinted. 

Our books are part of our activism, our creativity, our community and one of the most powerful ways we share our stories.

You can find all of our books in the XP Trust shop here!