What can I do to be a Superhero in my Community?

The students at Green Top displayed their passion and enthusiasm for making the world a better place with their recent expedition. 

Focusing on the question ‘What will I do to be a superhero in my community?’, the children channelled their inner activists to look at what others had done to bring positive change to the world, and also what they could do themselves. 

KS1 at their Film Premiere

After learning about notable superheroes from history, such as Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and Emmeline Pankhurst, and the impact that they had on bringing change in terms of racial and gender equality, the children wrote their own speeches on how they could bring positive changes to their school and local community. 

They then presented their speeches to their peers, explaining why they should be class mayor and what action they would take to make the school and community a better place to live. 

They didn’t stop there, however. 

The children then took their activism out into the local community, by litter-picking in Thorne and speaking to members of the public about the importance of putting their litter in the bin and keeping the community clean! They made an impact by inspiring those around them to think about their environment and how they want to maintain it. 

“Year 1 and 2 children championing such inspirational figures in history as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, as well as the evergreen inspiration of David Attenborough — just wonderful, and in fact quite emotional.”

Alan Green – Green Top Governor

All of the children’s hard work and effort was then put into a film, to commemorate the amazing action taken towards preserving their community. The filming took place over the term and captured all of the children’s activism in its many forms – from their hook week protest to the poetry jam at the end of the term. The film then premiered at XP East and was well received and celebrated by both parents and students. 

The children are so enthusiastic in their mission to protect our planet and it is truly wonderful to see!