What GCSEs will my child be taking?

Students will study through cross-subject learning expeditions until January of Year 11. This will provide our students with a broad and balanced curriculum. As a consequence of this, our approach to GCSEs is that our students will take a core of GCSEs, then a personal choice.

The core GCSEs that all our students will take are:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Double Award)
  • History
  • Spanish
  • Art

Students will then have a personal choice where they can choose any other appropriate GCSE and study this with guided help, such as Computing, PE, Triple Science, Music, an additional language, Design & Technology, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Drama etc.

Some students may have the capability and capacity to do more than one Choice GCSE.

The reasoning behind our approach is that the core GCSEs offer an academically rigorous blend of subjects that will be covered within our learning expeditions, and the personal choice offers a specific route that they may want to follow towards A Level and beyond.

Our expeditionary curriculum at Key Stage 4 is much broader than the eight Core GCSEs and will cover other subject areas, such as music, computing, design & technology, geography etc.

The core GCSEs cover the English Baccalaureate with the addition of Art. They are also ‘gateway’ qualifications, meaning that students will be able to study any subject post 16.

Provision for alternative GCSEs may be put in place if we deem that a student is better served this way.