Working with us at XP Trust

Could you be part of our Crew?

There are 3 Key Themes at the heart of everything we do across XP Trust

Our ethos, our character and our values.

We don’t just speak about compassion – we live it!
We have Crew* at the heart of everything we do. We are Crew! 

Every student and member of staff across the Trust is aiming to be the best version of themselves. We look at the whole person, we want to work with you on your journey – whether you’re already a great teacher or want to be one. 

We want to hear about what you love beyond your core discipline. Our cross curricular learning expeditions are at the heart of our school life and need a wide knowledge base, enthusiastically shared and taught, to make beautiful work.

A little more to think about:

  • On our way to becoming one of the best schools in the world, we know our teams need to be unbelievably good. Continuous professional and personal development is key, always high quality and diverse, whether in school or out. For example, two of  our staff members found themselves working alongside coaches at The National Theatre in London for two days!
  • Our Induction is as long as it’s legendary – from June to September. From Outward Bound to experiencing how our students learn. With character growth and challenging experiences.

“I have never worked so hard and enjoyed my work as much, as I have at XP”
Kerry Poncia, Teacher XP East

We welcome applications, to work at XP Trust, at any time. We don’t want to miss the opportunity of working with someone who will make a difference and who we can help
to do that.

*Please watch ‘We are Crew’ the videos – links below.