Parent contributions

From September 2016, XP are requesting parents consider contributing voluntarily towards the costs of learning expeditions and other activities.

Since opening in 2014, XP has not asked parents for any contribution despite incurring substantial costs for fieldwork, products etc.

However, we have been approached by a number of parents who have said that they are able and willing to contribute to the school, especially considering the amount of immersion events, fieldwork and production of professional products which enhance the education of our students.

We will therefore request that parents consider a voluntary contribution to help cover some of the costs per student of these appropriate activities.

We will send these requests by letter and email and they will appear as an item in your Parent Pay account.

Any amount of voluntary contribution would be welcome by the school and used to enhance the education of your son / daughter.

Please only contribute if you are willing and able to do so, as your son / daughter will participate in the activity regardless of any contribution with no expectation or prejudice.

Thank you for your consideration of these requests.