If our children don’t study separate subjects, how will we know how they are doing?

All our projects are rigorously mapped to the National Curriculum standards as well as skills and competencies such as problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, persistence toward excellence and active citizenship.

As your child progresses through an expedition, they create evidence of their learning and maintain a physical and digital learning portfolio that they can share with you.

All their evidence of learning will map against the standards and skills, so rather than just being given a report once a year, you will be able to actually see your child’s progress through their work, along with critical feedback from their teacher.

After every expedition, your child will exhibit their work along with the rest of their class, where your child will present to you their work and that of their classmates.

As well as this, our teachers will know you and your child personally, and will make sure they keep you up to date with their progress, any issues and how you can help with them.

For further information as to how we do assessment at XP, please click here.