I am so proud and grateful to my crew for spending some time creating these rainbows to show our appreciation and respect to ALL key workers that are keeping us all as safe as possible during this crazy time.

An extra special thanks to Maddison for the picture of the amazing cake she made…. however I’m disappointed that she couldn’t bring it into school to share with us as she has done with her baking on many occasions in the past.

We did another crew ‘Hahn hangout’ this morning. It was lovely to be joined by students that haven’t been able to do this before due to problems accessing devices etc.

We did our usual ‘check in chicken’ and I asked students to think of a person or persons they felt they personally wanted to thank whilst being on lock down for the past 2 weeks… someone that has perhaps supported them or helped them in some way.

The most common person students wanted to thank were their mums! There were a number of different reasons for this such as cooking amazing meals while they’ve been at home such as pies and steaks, another student wanted to thank their mum for helping them not to leave the house as they’re normally such a social butterfly and not accustomed to being restricted so much. another wanted to thank their mum for making them special dinners just for them because they didn’t like what everyone else in the house were eating and another student just wanted to thank their mum and dad for constantly supporting them in everything he does. One student wanted to share how he found so many friends were checking in on him regularly which he found helpful over the last couple of weeks.

Even in a time of stress, unknowns and restrictions that our students have never experienced the likes of before, we need to look at the positives and what we still have to be grateful for. It seems to me that in crew Hahn we are very lucky to have such fab families and friends.

Can’t wait for our next hangout on Wednesday.