Sharing our Stories: 22/07/2022

Beautiful Work This Week

Dear World – Children of XP Trust

The Children of XP Trust are proud to present their Charity Single to raise money for WildLife Foundation – ‘Dear World’.

In the Spring of 2022, Year 3 and 4 Pupils from Norton Junior School, Carcroft Primary School, Green Top School and Plover School studied a cross-curricular expedition, ‘What a Wonderful World’ looking to answer the guiding question, ‘Why should we protect our beautiful planet?’

During the Expedition, the students wrote and recorded this beautiful song to raise money for their chosen charity, the WildLife Foundation.

There is no better way to sum up the beauty of the work the students have created than with lyrics from the song created by them… ‘there is no Planet B.’

You can Download the song and make a donation here!

XP Gateshead – What a Wonderful World

On Thursday 21st July, XP Gateshead hosted their final POL of the year for their Expedition ‘What a Wonderful World’ online! You can watch them answer their guiding question ‘what is our relationship with the natural world?’ and present their beautiful work here!

How can a healthy lifestyle impact your body and mind?

In 2022, Years 5 & 6 began their learning exploration with the guiding question ‘How can a healthy lifestyle impact your body and mind?’

In Case Study One they became historians, they developed our knowledge of history on a timeline to understand chronological order. 

In Case Study Two, they became scientists working in the field of biology. They learnt depth in human anatomy, studying the circulatory system, function of the heart and how nutrients are transported around the body. 

Finally, in Case Study Three, they became designers and developed our food technology knowledge and skills. They learnt how to store food correctly and how to handle food. In addition to this, they looked at the different food groups and why these foods are important for a balanced diet. They unpicked recipes to look at calorie content and what healthy foods look like. In our final week of food technology they learnt to bake and cook following simple recipes and how to prepare and cook a variety of foods. 

Their key literature was ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman; a tale based on morality about a young boy who urgently requires a heart transplant and is given a pig heart. Alongside this, other texts such as ‘At the sign of the Sugared Plum’  were used to support our first Case Study.

The work from English and expedition lessons culminated in a series of beautiful videos that were created collaboratively from children in Y5/6 from across the Trust primaries. There were four main topics included in the video: the history and evolution of medicine, physical health, mental health and first aid. 

You can watch them all below!

Carcroft School – Mental Health

Plover School – First Aid

Norton Junior School – Physical Health

Green Top – Healthy Eating

XP/XP East Madrid Trip 2022

A few weeks ago some of our C25 and C26 students viewed priceless paintings by Picasso, Van Gogh and Dali, relaxed with an ice cream in the Buen Retiro Park, enjoyed a sociable meal out, and rode some scary roller-coaster rides…all over a long weekend in Madrid. This culminated in a Celebration of Learning event last Friday, during which our students invited their parents to view their work journals, and shared their memories and highlights in fluent Spanish or English. The video below was shown at the end of the evening, and we would like to appreciate all the students for their hard work in making this such a success.

Diverse Doncaster: Where do we belong?

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Microadventure to Cleethorpes @ XP East

What a Wonderful World – Final Product @ XP Gateshead

COL – Where do we belong? @ Plover

End of year treat! @ Carcroft

A great start to our new phase Crew! @ Green Top

Stay safe in the sun @ Norton Infants

Year 6 Leavers BBQ! @ Norton Juniors

Women’s European Football Fieldwork @ XP

Thank you for joining us for another great year of beautiful work and stories from across the XP Trust – we hope you have a wonderful summer!

We’ll see you in September!

XP Comms Crew

Sharing our Stories: 15/07/2022

Beautiful Work This Week


We hosted our inaugural Climate Conference this week at XP East – an exciting evening of Activism organised by our students to tackle the issue of Climate Change. The event was a huge success, welcoming huge crowds of parents and students to listen and learn about the importance of sustainable energy in the effort to stop climate change. 

The event included talks from students about the impact of climate change on the world, Q&As with local businesses and the launch of ‘Dear World’ – a protest song written by our Trust Primary Schools.

Read the full article here.

You can also join in the discussion on Twitter and make your pledge – follow #XPCC22 to get involved and see more stories from the event!

From The Ground Up‘ – Two amazing book launches!

Over the last week, XP Gateshead have had two amazing launches for their first book ‘From the Ground Up. Students gathered to celebrate their learning at Seven Stories in Newcastle and sold their book for the first time to the general public. They also visited the prestigious Durham Miner’s Gala to talk to visitors about their awesome book that they’ve written and published themselves. Beautiful work.

XP/XP East Sports Day

XP and XP East had an awesome Sports Day last Friday – here’s a selection of photos from the day!

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Norton by the Sea @ Norton Infants

A Trip to the Seaside @ Norton Juniors

Making memories to last a lifetime! @ Green Top

Crew Welburn’s Transition Week @ Carcroft

Ready to XP – C29 Transition Days @ XP

Crew Finch have flown the nest! @ XP East

Selling our CDs at the Climate Conference @ Plover

Beautiful Work from G28 – Durham Miner’s Gala @ XP Gateshead

Sharing our Stories: 01/07/2022

Beautiful Work This Week

For King and Another Country – XP East Radio Broadcast

Listen to E28’s awesome radio broadcast – the final product of their Expedition with the guiding question ‘Do we honour all those who sacrifice in War?’.

From The Ground Up

A Visit from Michelle Navarre

This week we welcomed a very special visitor to the Trust – from Chicago.

Michelle Navarre, a friend of XP, is co-founder and Head of School of the Polaris Charter Academy, Polaris is Chicago’s only EL Education – Expeditionary Learning – school. 

As part of her visit, staff across the Trust were invited to take part in  ‘An Evening with Michelle Navarre’. This was a unique opportunity to hear the story and engage in a Q & A with one of the most respected and remarkable educators in the world.

This week Michelle also visited schools across our Trust – in Doncaster and Gateshead.

Polaris is internationally recognised as a national and international example of positive school culture and character development.

It was a privilege to listen to Michelle as she shared her leadership journey with us. 

She is an inspiration – as are her students; for whom Crew means life. Crew is life at Polaris and with her and her team’s work Michelle is making sure that every child in her care has the best chances of being the best version of themselves.

They know that Miss Navarre keeps them safe in a city where their pupils made a stand about gun crime and, for one significant and uplifting day, made a powerful impact on their neighbourhood – which saw no incidents, in a day that would normally have seen many.

Michelle Navarre is a mighty woman with a great heart – we are so lucky to have been able to welcome her to all our schools.

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Cricket Competition Success @ Norton Juniors

Thackray Museum Visit @ Carcroft

What Crew Goodall has been up to recently… @ XP

Crew Ardern Visitors @ XP East

Preparing for our family learning @ Plover

Year 3/4 Celebration of Learning @ Green Top

Critique @ Norton Infants

Sharing our Stories: 24/06/2022

Beautiful Work This Week

For King and Another Country – XP Radio Broadcast

Listen to X28’s awesome radio broadcast – the final product of their Expedition with the guiding question ‘Do we honour all those who sacrifice in War?’. Look out for XP East’s Broadcast this time next week!

National Sports Week @ XP/XP East

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Carcroft Local Heroes @ XP Trust

Theme Park Planning! @ Norton Juniors

Our Gallery Walk of Beautiful Work @ Carcroft

C26 Rugby Expert @ XP

G28 Opportunity for Children – Durham Miner’s Gala @ XP Gateshead

7 Explorer – What a Class! @ XP East

Charity Single Video Recording @ Plover

F2 Reading Challenge Graduates

We Love Reading in Class 4 @ Norton Infants

Sharing our Stories: 17/06/2022

Beautiful Work This Week

Diversity Day @ Norton Infants

‘The Year The World Changed’ – Created by XP School Students during their time at Bessacarr Primary

This film was made by three students from XP, when they were at Bessacarr Primary! It’s been nominated for the ‘Into Film’ Audience Choice Award.

As the first Lockdown hits in March 2020, we follow the lives of two girls. Maisie continues to attend school as a key worker child, while Olivia must learn from home. As lockdown continues, we see how this affects the children and their friendship with a few hilarious recreations of the news thrown in for good measure!

You can vote for the film by Retweeting this Tweet!

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Why we need to share stories… @ XP Trust

Pop Art Circulatory System @ Norton Juniors

X25 Stan Lee – Crew Building @ XP

The best is yet to come @ XP East

Proud Plover @ Plover

Fieldwork at Bridlington and John Bull Rock Factory @ Green Top

Press Conference – Writing Experience @ Carcroft

Friday Soft Play Fun @ Norton Infants

From the Ground Up Book Launch: 30th June @ XP Gateshead

Sharing our Stories: 10/06/22

Beautiful Work This Week

Why is it important to share our stories?

Curation @ XP and XP East – our beautiful new Crew boards!

Legacy Expedition: La tecnología – somos sus servidores o sus maestros?

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A True TT Rockstar! @ Norton Juniors

A Future in Sport @ XP

Golf Superstar! @ XP East

Plover Pantry @ Plover

Getting (clock)wise to making turns! @ Green Top

Working Hard in PE @ Carcroft

Beautiful Artwork @ Norton Infants

Beautiful work from Katie N @ XP Gateshead

Sharing our Stories: 27/05/22

Beautiful Work This Week

Product Spotlight: Early Years Engineers

Curation @ Plover – Our Design Principles and more!

Carcroft – our new EYFS playground!

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What can I do to be a Superhero where I live? @ XP Trust

Our beautiful books are flying off the shelves! @ XP Trust

Awesome Jubilee Artwork! @ Norton Infants

Crew Breakfast @ XP

C25 BTEC Sport @ XP East

The Great Plover Bake Off @ Plover

Scientists exploring evaporation @ Green Top

Working Hard to Get Smart @ Carcroft

Day 1 of the Year 6 Residential @ Norton Juniors

Bike shelter now installed! @ XP Gateshead

Sharing our Stories: 20/05/22

Beautiful Work This Week

Product Spotlight: Are We Really Free to Choose?

This week, a beautiful product from Year 10 students at XP and XP East has arrived! This poetry and art book is a culmination of the work from a joint HUMS and STEAM Expedition with the guiding question ‘are we really free to choose?’. The book explores life under the Nazi regime and how this affected choices and freedoms.

The book will be officially launched and available to buy soon! Watch this space!

Do Your Bit – XPG Radio Broadcast

This week our students’ radio broadcast of untold stories was broadcasted from Memory Lane Radio! You can to the full broadcast here!

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Fieldwork at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery @ Norton Infants

Pride of Plover! @ Plover

Being Historians in Expedition @ Green Top

EYFS Playground is Ready! @ Carcroft

Brodsworth Hall! @ Norton Juniors

Beautiful work, big smiles and more pizza toast from Delaney @ XP Gateshead

The Great Crew Bake Off @ XP East

Crew Macmillan’s final few weeks! @ XP

Sharing our Stories: 13/05/22

Beautiful Work This Week

In our Communities

“We would like to thank all of the children in Reception at Norton Infant School for inviting Dr Teanby-Clark to come and talk to you all about being a local hero. We can’t thank you all enough for your beautiful piece of work which we will put in reception for all of our patients to see.”

The Lakeside Practice – Askern

Above All Compassion: The Story of XP School

Last week this beautiful film, made by Schools on Screen about XP, premiered at the Samsung Centre in London – how exciting! Now it’s available to watch on YouTube! Be sure to give this wonderful story a watch and share it with your friends and family!

Here’s the story of our visit to the Premiere in London!

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Better World Day @ XP Trust

Becoming Crew – our delegates discover Doncaster @ XP Trust

Investigating Measures @ Norton Infants

Beautiful Work @ Plover

Beautiful Work in Year 4 @ Green Top

Word Collecting @ Carcroft

4TE are first on the scene @ Norton Juniors

Beautiful work from Katie @ XP Gateshead

Forward Thinking @ XP East

Sharing our Stories: 06/05/2022

Beautiful Work This Week

In our Schools

Staff stories

Our amazing Trust Business Manager Caroline Greening competed at HYROX – a fitness competition for all levels held at the Excel Centre in Central London with over 4000 competitors! The event itself is an incredibly tough mixture of long distance running and functional fitness movements – sled pushes, farmers carrys, wallballs and much more! Well done, Caroline – you’re awesome!

Better World Day

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Class Sizes at Green Top @ XP Trust

We are all kinds of awesomeness! @ Plover

Making friends in Nursery @ Green Top

Sharing our Stories @ Norton Infants

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside… @ Carcroft

Play on the Pitch Champions @ Norton Juniors

Beautiful work from Louie… @ XP Gateshead

Crews Grappling Start @ XP East

Work Hard in Spanish @ XP