Not all Superheroes Wear Capes

GQ: What will I do to be a Superhero in my community?

Expedition lead: Sam Goode
Curriculum: HUMAN/STEAM
Phase/Year group: KS1
Delivery date: Autumn 2021

In September 2021 Key Stage 1 began their Autumn expedition. This was a high energy expedition around the guiding question; what will I do to be a superhero in my community?

Our Learning:

Through our learning of History (case study 1) we developed our understanding of Historic figures and events that changed the course of the world for people hindered through inequality in some way. We started to look at important figures and the effect they had within their own communities as well as the world (started in hook week) for example Martin Luther King JR, Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst and David Attenborough. We then thought about how the attitudes and outcomes these people had could affect how we behave, act and grow in our own lives to do good for the people around us. As a result, the children believed that they would change their own history and the history of their community in Thorne.

Through Art (case study 2)  we developed our skills and knowledge of artists throughout time, from Quentin Blake to Banksy, who both in different ways impacted on the lives of many people. We used our new knowledge to create artwork that represents us, our beliefs, values and personalities too.

Through Computing (Case study 3) we developed our skills of using technology, mainly iPads, to research the artists we were focusing on. We used the iPads to find sources and information as well as capture images that represent our understanding of history and the way in which our actions have consequences, good or bad, and that as a culmination of our learning show that we can make a difference, no matter how big or small.

Final Product

We brought all our learning together into a documentary film, where the children showcased their learning through meaningful, and peaceful, protests to stand up for what they believed in. This included the right to a play time, the right to learn and much more that was close to their heart. The video included snippets of art work created by the children, a voice over done by the children illustrating their learning through speech, video clips of the protests, debates and marches done.

We held the Premiere for the film at XP East, where family, friends and members of the public could learn about the historic figures that changed our world as well as witness the pledges made by our children. The event was of celebration to the past, the present and the future, where the sky is the limit for the children of Green Top!

Learning Targets

Case study 1 – History

I can use words and phrases like: old, new and a long time ago.

I can use words and phrases like: before, after, past, present, then and now.  

I can explain how some people have helped us to have better lives. 

I can recount the life of someone famous from Britain who lived in the past. I can explain what they did earlier and later. 

I can give examples of things that were different when my grandparents were children. 

I can find out about things in the past by talking to an older person. 

Case study 2 – Art

I can show how people feel in drawings and paintings. 

I can create mood in artwork.

I can use charcoal, pencil and pastel to create art.

I can name primary and secondary colours. 

I can mix paint to create all the secondary colours.

Case study 3 – Computing

I can store and retrieve digital content. 

I can analyse and evaluate information.

I can understand how search results are selected. 

I can use a website and a camera. 

I can use technology safely.