We’re looking for Teachers at Carcroft School!

This is our community. These are our stories. Come teach and be a part of it.

There is the opportunity of a lifetime to teach in our extraordinary school, Carcroft School. We need someone to teach within our highly regarded expeditionary learning curriculum. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to develop and cultivate activism, leadership and equity in our students by creating beautiful products and important work that will change the world.

Our Design Principles

‘At XP, we build our community through…

  • Activism
  • Leadership 
  • and Equity… 

sharing our stories as we go.’

These design principles are the basis for all our work. We focus on enabling our students to create beautiful work that creates agency and has a positive impact on the world; we encourage leadership in our students by facilitating the ownership of their own learning; and we have an unabated insistence on equity to ensure that we remove any barriers that inhibit student growth and success.

Therefore, at XP Trust we focus relentlessly on high quality work and character growth. As a result, our school culture is value driven. Therefore, we expect our students, staff and parents to be courageous, respectful, committed to craftsmanship and quality, compassionate and to always show integrity. We provide an authentically tough and rewarding education for everyone, and we believe this is best achieved through not segregating our children by any measure, such as social class or academic ability.

We believe a person is judged by their character and the quality of work they produce. Our schools focus continuously on these two crucial areas of development.  Our students express who they are by personalising their work, and are given time to produce beautiful and meaningful work by following a process of multiple drafts and critique, working towards creating products which are indistinguishable from professionals. Every day, our students develop their habits of work and learning by working hard,  getting smart and being kind, and reflecting on our character values of courage,  respect, craftsmanship and quality, compassion and integrity. 

Beautiful Work at Carcroft

Role: 1 x Full Time Teacher 1 x Part Time Teacher

Year Group: Year 3/4

Deadline for Applications: 18th November

Potential Interview Dates:  Week commencing 21st November

Pay Scale: Main Scale

Start Date: January 3rd 2023

Permanent all roles are subject to a 9 month probationary period. 

Send your application or any questions you may have to [email protected]

Application Form

Teacher Job Description