We’re looking for a Spanish Teacher at XP Gateshead!

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  • The work you do with students is authentic, purposeful and has a positive impact on the world
  • Everyone has your back
  • You choose what you teach, when you teach it
  • We don’t just talk about meaningful professional development – we do it.

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Could you inspire our students to become great linguists with a passion for learning about other cultures?

We’re looking for a devoted, hard-working and compassionate Spanish Teacher to work as part of our Crew at XP Gateshead. 

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This post is a part-time appointment at 0.2 of a full-time timetable. As the school grows there will be potential for the role to grow too.

All of our students at XP Gateshead will strive to be great writers, readers and communicators who are able to use the Spanish language both skillfully and with capability in a variety of contexts, through different forms and for different audiences.

To achieve the above, Spanish at XP Gatehead is taught in discrete single-subject learning expeditions. Through learning Spanish, we ensure social equity for all of our students by teaching in mixed ability groupings. Our approach enables students to develop key skills in oracy, reading and writing to become effective users and interpreters of another language. This empowers them to impact the wider world, where Spanish is the second most spoken language, and gives meaning and purpose to their learning in a truly global sense.

In XP School Trust, we focus relentlessly on character growth and beautiful student work which results in outstanding academic progress and fantastic children

XP Trust includes internationally renowned schools, hosting hundreds of visitors from across the world every year. XP School was awarded ‘School of the Year’ by the Whole Education network, and judged ‘outstanding in all areas’ in September 2017. 

“If I were to make a list of the best schools in the world, XP would be on that list.”

Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer of Expeditionary Learning, a network of over 160 schools in the USA.

Would you like to join our team and help further the development of our outstanding schools?

At XP Gateshead we are building a team of teachers who are strong in their trained subject and are willing to support and develop their teaching in other subjects to deliver our cross-subject learning expeditions and to start a school. Most teachers have passions and expertise in subjects close to, or disparate from, their trained subject and will therefore have the opportunity to bring these wider skills into our curriculum. We would therefore welcome applications from teachers who have more to offer in terms of the wider curriculum.

“Every day, for one reason or another, it is confirmed that XP is something immensely special and that I am part of a team that has embarked on a very special project that will change the future lives of children and send waves across education in the UK”

Gemma Vayro, Teacher of Humanities, XP.

Salary is negotiable, depending on capability and experience.

Position: Spanish Teacher

Pay Scale : M1 – L8 (0.2 of a full-time timetable)

Deadline for Applications: Monday 21st June: 3pm

Potential Interview Dates: w/c Monday 28th June

Temporary or Permanent Position: Permanent (0.2 of a full-time timetable)

We would normally ask you to visit one of our schools prior to applying. Visits will not take place prior to applying due to COVID-19. As a result we would appreciate a phone conversation if you are considering applying. Please contact office@xpgateshead.org to arrange a conversation.

Send your application or any questions you may have to vacancies@xptrust.org

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