We’re looking for a Principal for XP Gateshead!

Could you lead an amazing new school built on these design principles?

Could you lead amazing children and talented staff to produce beautiful work like this?

XP Gateshead is a new secondary school opening in August 2021. We will begin with 50 students, 4 teachers and 3 Learning Coaches – growing year on year until we are at capacity.

The chance to start a new school is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are looking for great people to become part of our team. This is a unique opportunity for you to lead this extraordinary team as Principal.

All XP schools are founded on, and driven by, our Design Principles.

‘At XP, we build our community through…

  • Activism
  • Leadership 
  • and Equity… 

sharing our stories as we go.’

In short, these design principles are the basis for all our work. We enable our children to create beautiful work that creates agency and has a positive impact on the world; we encourage leadership in our children by facilitating the ownership of their own learning; and we empower our young people with equity of opportunity to ensure that we remove any barriers that inhibit student growth and success.

As such, in the XP Trust we focus relentlessly on high quality work and character growth. As a result, our school culture is value driven. Therefore, we expect our children, staff and parents to be courageous, respectful, committed to craftsmanship and quality, compassionate and to always show integrity. We provide an authentically challenging and rewarding education for everyone, and we believe this is best achieved through not segregating our children by any measure, such as social class or academic ability.

We believe a person is judged by their character and the quality of work they produce. Our school focuses continuously on these two crucial areas of development.  Our children express who they are by personalising their work, and are given time to produce beautiful and meaningful work by following a process of drafting and critique, building and creating products which are indistinguishable from professionals. Every day, our children develop key habits of work and learning by working hard, getting smart and being kind. 

The successful applicant will be encouraged to continue their Leadership Journey and will be supported through our Trust’s weekly engagement CPD calendar, a progressive Professional Pathway route and opportunities to learn from the best: in the Trust, in this country and across the world. 

This is an amazing opportunity for a Leader to shape and design powerful learning at XP Gateshead. Our Leaders empower our children to become agents for positive social change and, as a result, make the world a better place. 

In the XP Trust, we believe that all our children have the right to become the best that they can be.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Send your application or any questions you may have to vacancies@xptrust.org

Application Form

Deadline for Applications:  26th April 2021

Potential Interview Dates:  30th April 2021

Pay Scale: £69,031 – £79,958

Start Date:  June 7th 2021, or as close to this date as possible -The candidate must be in place for the school opening. 

Temporary or Permanent Position: Permanent 

Please contact msaid@xpgateshead.org for further information about the new School. 

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