Secondary Vacancies

At XP, we are building a team of teachers who are strong in their trained subject and are willing to support and develop their teaching in other subjects to deliver our cross-subject learning expeditions. Most teachers have passions and expertise in subjects close to, or disparate from, their trained subject.

We’re looking for great people who are already great teachers or who wish to become great teachers, so we welcome applications from teachers of any subject at any time.

To enable us to continually find and recruit teachers, we are now running a rolling recruitment process where you can apply at any time to be a Teacher at XP.

Our recruitment process is as follows:

  1. Visit our school. We need to ensure applicants understand the way we deliver our curriculum and our culture of working hard, getting smart and being kind. Applications submitted without a prior visit will not be considered. To arrange a visit, please contact the school. Learning Coaches do not need to visit prior to applying. 
  2. Complete an application form. This should be sent, alongside the supporting letter detailed in the application form, to
  3. Attend an interview. Your application will be reviewed, and if deemed appropriate, you will be invited to interview.

If successful at interview, you will be contacted and roles and start dates discussed.

Specific Vacancies

If we have any specific vacancies that have not been fulfilled by the rolling applications received, we may advertise roles separately.

Application forms and documentation

Teachers Job Description

Learning Coach (Teaching Assistant) Job Description

Office Support Job Description

Application Form – PDF

Application Form – Word

What we will do for youWe want XP Trust to be the best schools in the world. It will only become this if our teachers are unbelievably good. Therefore our whole school is based around continuing professional and personal development and our staff induction process is legendary.For new staff, our induction programme commences in June for a September start. New staff experience the school by becoming learners. We go outward bound to connect character growth with challenging shared experiences. We do an expedition ‘slice’ to experience first-hand how our students learn. We unpack these experiences and deliver an educator-led conference, where we share what kind of educator we will be at XP with our peers.Through this, you will become a better person, and well prepared to teach at XP.It’s hard work teaching at XP, but it’s good work.

Download (PDF, 316KB)

We Are Crew

A short film about XP and the impact of the innovative expeditionary-learning led curricula on students’ character, resilience, engagement and learning outcomes created by Relational Schools.

The super-cut of the film and the report of their findings are below but if you would like to purchase the full version for £10 please click here.

We Are Crew *super-cut* from Relational Schools on Vimeo.

Download (PDF, 3.61MB)

To be a successful applicant, get to know us well

For us to understand what you can offer us, we feel that you might need to understand us a bit more. We have spent hours, days, months and years putting together our vision for XP and we can’t expect our applicants to have done the same, but we can expect some research and understanding, and an idea of how you think you can fit into this vision.

If you’re thinking of applying to XP, to be part of an amazing team, pioneering expeditionary learning in the UK, please consider reading, watching and listening to these following things:

Everything on our website…


Good Luck!